The Science of Audio Meditation Technology

As human beings, each of us has a unique capacity to experience a wide spectrum of states of consciousness, ranging from the ordinary to extraordinary. Each of us has the potential to develop these highly refined states of expanded awareness, creative inspiration, and deep inner peace.

Researchers have discovered that each unique state of consciousness is intimately linked with key patterns of brainwave activity.

The Whole Brain Meditation Program uses innovative methods of embedding brainwave entrainment waveforms, into relaxing meditative soundtracks and natural soundscapes. After just eight minutes of relaxed listening, your brainwaves will naturally synchronize with these subtle, yet powerful soundwaves, and guide you effortlessly into blissful states of deep meditation. 

Isochronic tones are an audio-based method of entraining the brain to follow healthy brainwave frequency patterns. They are the most efficient method of audio brainwave entrainment.

Simply stated, an Isochronic tone is a pure tone, which is pulsed on and off. This consistent, rhythmic pulsation of sound-waves, the human brain naturally synchronizes with these sound pulsations, in a process known as the "Frequency Following Response."

Another highly popular audio meditation, brainwave entrainment process we employ in our relaxing audio meditations is Binaural Beat Technology.

Because binaural beats require both hemispheres of the brain to work in synchrony, it has been posited that binaural beats can promote "whole brain functioning" and "hemispheric balance". For this reason, we have included binaural meditations in the Whole Brain Meditation Program.

The third method employed in our audio meditations is known as monaural beats. Monaural beats are similar to binaural beats, with the key distinction being, they do not require headphones and are slightly more effective than binaural beats.

The fourth audio brainwave entrainment method used is modulated sound. By using patented sound technology, we are able to subtly alter the music and nature sounds to produce binaural and isochronic sound waves, within every element of our soundtracks. For example, the sound of a flowing stream can pulsate with Theta waves, or wind chimes can pulsate with subtle, yet powerful Alpha waves.

These approaches are examples of a complex audio based process known as brainwave entrainment, which enables the use of scientifically created sound waves to affect the brain in many proven beneficial ways.

Whole Brain Technology audio sessions utilize a complex matrix of audio brainwave entrainment methods. Our audio meditation sessions are based on the latest clinical research and use the most effective and popular methods of audio brainwave entrainment. The methods outlined here were developed by leading researchers and are also used in the clinical setting.