Zen-trained meditation masters produce noticeably more alpha waves during meditation. Alpha level brainwaves promote deep relaxation, enhanced creativity, and intuitive insights. Alpha waves also tend to be very pleasurable, thought to be in part because the Alpha state helps us let go of stress and anxiety.


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The gateway to creativity, learning, and memory, Theta level brainwaves provide access to the extraordinary intuitive capacity of the brain. Advanced Tibetan Monks demonstrate Theta brainwaves during their intensive visualization meditations on Loving Kindness. Theta level brainwaves open the doorway to natural emotional healing, deep insight, intuitive awareness and creative inspiration.


Delta level brainwaves carry a profoundly healing and nourishing quality into your meditations. They Resonance with natural states of Oneness, extrasensory perception, whole-body meditation, and global awareness. Delta meditations take you across the threshold of the manifest into the unmanifest.


The deepest and most sublime level of The Whole Brain Meditation program. Epsilon brainwaves open the doorway to spontaneous healing, mystical awareness, rejuvenation and spontaneous spiritual awakening. Epsilon waves have been found to have a natural relationship with Lambada waves.

Schumann Resonance 

The relationship between brain-wave patterns and the Earths naturally occurring Electromagnetic field became the basis for Itzhak Bentov’s groundbreaking book "Stalking the Wild Pendulum" Research into Schuman Resonance brainwaves also confirmed an interesting relationship to our health, well-being, and the mysterious phenomenon of extrasensory perception.


Hyper Gamma


Awakening the Mystical Mind contains the fastest of the brainwave frequencies and awakens the higher states of mystical awareness. These powerful brainwaves open the doorway to super concentration and higher level cognitive functioning. Nobel prize winning scientist, Sir Francis Crick has said that 40Hz Gamma waves are pivotal to greater awareness. 40 Hz is the window frequency in each of these three uniquely powerful meditations. Gamma level brainwaves open the doorway to heightened sensory perception and the automatic integration of information. Holographic thinking, non-linear awareness, and emotional well-being. Hyper Gamma brainwaves naturally awaken mystical awareness and deep relaxation. Lambda brainwaves elicit spontaneous Epsilon brainwaves and exist in a dynamic relationship with the slowest brainwaves. Lambda brainwaves occur spontaneously we see something of great beauty. The Lambda meditation is only available with the complete Whole Brain Meditation Program.

Sensory Motor Rhythm 

K Waves 

Beta level brainwaves and the SMR frequency provide the gateway to mental clarity, sensory integration, a sense of alertness and a heightened sense of vivid aliveness. The Whole Brain Meditation program emphasizes the benefit of nurturing the full spectrum of brainwave patterns. In ancient Taoist wisdom, the Masters of old understood that after deep still meditations, there is a need to return the body-mind to an attunement with the environment and surroundings. This understanding provides balance and integration. Beta and SMR brainwave also foster focus, productivity and enhanced learning.