Our Story

Hello friends, I'm Dave Rivers 

I am the creator of The Whole Brain Meditation Program. A unique 7 level system featuring 21 audio meditations that is rooted in the Taoist philosophy and the insights of Nobel Prize winning scientist Ilya Prigogine. 


I began my lifelong study of the healing potential of meditation at the age of 19 and shortly after underwent a spontaneous awakening to the Oneness of Being in the presence of  Master Charles Cannon who is a spiritual teacher and pioneer in the field of audio brainwave entrainment technology.


 I have traveled the world learning from Sages, Mystics, and Masters and I have been blessed to study with many deeply enlightened spiritual teachers over the years.

You can read about some of my adventures with spiritual teachers in my book.  "The Dance of Stillness" featuring Dr. Richard Moss, David Spero, Swami Shankrarcharya and Master Charles Cannon.

 I continue to find profound value in using The Whole Brain Program. 

 I find the real value is in being able to easily and quickly return to the centre when I become unbalanced or whenever stress starts to arise.

The mission statement of Whole Brain Technology is:

"We aim to bring the timeless peace and related health benefits of meditation to busy people in a contemporary form"