Can Music Really Enhance Your Daily Meditations?

First, why should I enhance my Meditation with Whole Brain Technology?

Do you want to release old mental habits effortlessly? Blast through emotional blocks with ease? Become more self-aware and centered in the present moment? Become a more whole and integrated human being? Would you like to operate at a higher level of Consciousness?

If the answer is yes

The Whole Brain Meditation Program can open the elusive inner doorway to help you reach more of your potential, through the scientifically validated Brainwave Entrainment with the power of Whole Brain Technology.

So many meditators before you have experienced being amazed at how profoundly deep their meditations are and how simple and easy it is to do. In our experience, it is always precisely the right moment to learn to meditate

Why the Whole Brain Meditation Program is the right choice for you.

Meditation, Science and Music Therapy, combined to produce effortless Transformation in your life.

Powerful Whole Brain Technology is embedded into every element of our beautiful musical meditations The Whole Brain Meditation Program contains twenty-one, lush; rich ambient musical soundscapes which have all been meticulously designed by seasoned meditators.

Over the years we have explored many styles of meditation and have studied and researched the exciting field of Consciousness technology in depth. As a result of years of research, exploration and creative development we have created and tested Whole Brain Technology in many different formats and thus have created one of the most comprehensive and compelling meditation programs of its kind available today.

We have watched people using Whole Brain Technology go on to achieve meaningful changes and authentic inner transformation with their lives uplifted and enriched through the power of meditation.

David River's vast experience of over 30 years’ study and training in the art of meditation coupled with a lifelong passion for exploring brainwave entrainment methodologies will give you the most profound meditation experience of your life. His deep insight, creative inspiration and intuitive understanding of the psychological principles of meditation, music and transpersonal psychology led him to co-found Whole Brain Technology.