What is Brainwave Entrainment and How Does it Work?

The word brainwave entrainment is used to describe an audio technology which stimulates the brain with patterns of sound to elicit healthy patterns of neural activity.

The use of a brainwave entrainment to effortlessly access deep states of meditation is immensely popular with millions of people now using this remarkable technology worldwide.

Brainwave entrainment is used by millions of individuals to help facilitate relaxation and deep states of meditation. This remarkable technology can also enhance your creativity and focus as well as improve your memory and increase your overall vitality and energy.
Peer-reviewed scientific studies indicate a genuinely wide range of health benefits, such alleviating stress headaches and chronic pain. Brainwave entrainment therapy has been successfully used in the clinical setting to help improve a diverse variety of conditions, including ADD, Learning Disabilities, Insomnia and Chronic Pain.

The Frequency following response (FFR), also referred to as Frequency Following Potential (FFP), is a specific response to hearing sound and music, by which neural oscillations adjust their frequency to match the rhythm of auditory stimuli. The use of sound with intent to influence cortical brainwave frequency is called auditory driving, by which frequency of neural oscillation is 'driven' to entrain with that of the rhythm of a sound source.


Many therapists use the brainwave entrainment to enhance and accelerate the results of therapy.



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