The Technology of Consciousness

In our quest to actualize our highest potential, mankind has developed and refined a vast array of methodologies and techniques which serve to expand our awareness and actualize our highest potential as human beings.

Whole Brain Sound Technology is the genesis of a whole new realm of spiritual technologies that have their roots in the ancient Tantric tradition, which embraces the Totality of life itself, including a deep understanding of our inherent oneness with Life. The tantric tradition teaches that every aspect of manifest life, including every aspect of ourselves is in fact, a dynamic living expression of the Infinite potential prior to all form and beyond the reaches of thought and intellect.

Whole Brain Sound Technology is the application and development of modern technologies designed specifically to enhance our awareness of the essential oneness which is the core of our true nature. In this sense, the very technology of Brainwave Entrainment itself can be seen as authentically Tantric. This is solely due to the way in which it is employed as an astoundingly powerfull new tool, designed to awaken our deepest capacity.

The Tantric tradition utilizes everything imaginable to facilitate the spiritual awakening process.

Tantra itself is a word denoting "The Total Weave of the fabric of Life"
The teachings practices and methods of the Tantric tradition have been elegantly designed and refined to elicit an awaken the well-spring of Infinite Energy which exists within every human being.
This Infinite Energy which while being present in every human being, is all too often either in a dormant state or its flow within our energy body is blocked by the accumulated tensions and stress, inherent in living in our fast paced, success focused society.
The fruit of Tantric practice is directly realized in awareness is a perfect wholeness. which is like unto an Ocean of Oneness.

Just as the ancient Masters of Tantric Yoga utilized everything conceivable in the service of spiritual awakening.
Whole Brain Technology utilizes modern sound technology and the latest discoveries in the fields of neuroscience and quantum physics, to develop and create innovative new methods to expand our awareness of the essential oneness of life and realize our highest potential as human beings.

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