Experience the full range of audio brainwave entrainment technologies

The Whole Brain Meditation Program

Explore meditation with the power of cutting edge brainwave entrainment technologies and journey through the 7 levels of meditation, combined with the power of music therapy: all in one fully comprehensive and affordable brainwave meditation program.

The Whole Brain Meditation Program includes binaural and isochoric brainwave entrainment methods and psychoacoustic techniques. Plus monaural beats and an advanced method of embedding the scientific brainwave frequencies into the actual musical notes. Binaural and Isochronic waveforms are even embedded in the nature sounds, such as running water and the soft chirping of nighttime crickets and the sound of rain.

Whole Brain Technology® audio programs combine the most advanced 3D brainwave entertainment technology with the healing power of music and the soothing sounds of nature to create beautifully immersive meditation soundscapes.
Awakening Whole Brain Functioning to help people like you effortlessly realize more of your full potential.

With the comprehensive Whole Brain Meditation Program, you will gain access to:

1.     Awaken Natural Insight
2.     Opening More of Your Brains Potential
3.     Deeper More Restful Sleep
4.     Enhanced Creativity
5.     Increased Ability to Visualise
6.     Heightened Sensory Awareness
7.     Awaken Balanced Whole Brain Functioning
8.     Open New Dimensions of Your Multidimensional Awareness
9.     Enhanced Focus and Productivity
10.  Spontaneous Emotional Healing 
11.  Effortless Release of Old Mental Habits
13.  Learn Timeless Spiritual Principles
14.  Deepen Your Spiritual Life
15.  Develop a Consistent Meditation Practice
16.  Enjoy the Profoundly Deep States of Meditation
17.  Enhanced Health and Well-Being
18.  Spontaneous Healing
19.  More Spontaneity and Ease of Being

What Makes This Program Unique?
The Whole Brain Meditation Program is unique because of the following:
1. Multidimensional Approach

The Whole Brain Meditation Program awakens the full spectrum of brainwave patterns, granting access to the more of your brain's remarkable potential.
2. A Comprehensive 7 level Program

Resonance of 7 levels of meditation soundtracks. Totaling 21 tracks

Alpha, Schumann Resonance, Theta, Delta, Epsilon, Beta, Sensory Motor Rhythm, Gamma, Hyper Gamma, Lambda.

3. Advanced Brainwave Technology.
Whole Brain Technology uses advanced methods to embed the scientific brainwave frequency waveforms into our meditation music and nature soundscapes. Indeed, every single sound element has been meticulously engineered using advanced sound technology.

To produce powerful brainwave frequency waveforms within every element the meditation music and soundscapes. We even have binaural beats embedded into the sounds of babbling brooks, gentle rain, thunder and chirping crickets. In our musical meditations, the music itself contains the brainwave entrainment waveforms. You will also explore meditation with a broad range of brainwave entrainment technologies, including binaural beats, isochoric tones, solfeggio tones and monaural beats 
Beautiful original music compositions.
4. A Wide Range of Musical Styles.

The music used in The Whole Brain Meditation Program has been composed especially for brainwave entrainment and meditation. This allows the music to carry the Whole Brain Technology in a uniquely effective way.
Each of the seven meditation levels has been meticulously crafted with music and nature sounds designed to enhance and deepen your meditation experience.
5. Whole Brain Technology
Whole Brain Sound Technology balances your brain's right and left hemispheres to achieve deep meditative states quickly and effortlessly. Scientifically engineered, precision sound waves, effortlessly attune your brainwave patterns, resulting in naturally occurring, profoundly deep meditation.
6. Awesome Value For Money
The Whole Brain Meditation Program is the most comprehensive and powerful brainwave in training program of its kind available on the market today. Featuring 21 uniquely powerful musical meditations and natural soundscapes in a 7 level meditation program. You will experience the full spectrum of brainwave frequencies, from mystical heights of Hyper Gamma and Gamma. The magic of the Earths magnetic field with Schumann Resonance and the Flow and Open Focus of Alpha. From to the Deep Healing Meditation and Emotional Release of Theta, to the Profound Meditation and Global Awareness of Delta and the sublime depths of the Deepest Level of Meditation and Profound Rejuvenation in Epsilon. 
7. Embark on a remarkable musical journey of self-discovery. 
The Whole Brain Meditation Program is truly unique and offers both the advanced and beginning meditator an extraordinary opportunity to embark on a remarkable musical journey of self-discovery. 
8. Designed to be a musical journey into the depths of Meditation.

In the whole brain meditation program, you will journey through the full spectrum of meditative states, by accessing those states of meditation with powerful cutting edge brainwave entrainment technology known as Whole Brain Technology.
The journey has been designed to guide you along a mandala-like pattern of sound waves. well-being
This is done by exploring the relationships between states of consciousness, which all exist simultaneously on a holographic spectrum.